Bulletin-Sunday, October 19th, 2014

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Personalizing The Word


          Whoever wants to preach must be the first to let the word of God move him deeply and become incarnate in his daily life.  . . . .  before preparing what we will actually say when preaching, we need to let ourselves be penetrated by that word which will also penetrate others, for it is a living and active word.


          We are not asked to be flawless, but to keep growing and wanting to grow as we advance along the path of the Gospel; our arms must never grow slack.  What is essential is that the preacher be certain that God loves him, that Jesus Christ has saved him and that his love has always the last word.  Encountering such beauty, he will often feel that his life does not glorify God as it should, and he will sincerely desire to respond more fully to so great a love.  Yet if he does not take time to hear God’s word with an open heart.

. . . . then he will indeed be a false prophet.  But by acknowledging his poverty and desiring to grow in his commitment, he will always be able to abandon himself to Christ, saying in the words of Peter: “I have no silver and gold, but what I have I give you” (Acts 3:6).  The Lord wants to make use of us as living, free and creative beings who let his word enter their own hearts before then passing it on to others.


Pope Francis

The Joy of the Gospel #150, #151


Mass Intentions & Daily Readings


Rosary at 11:50 a.m.


Tues. October 21st: ferial

12:05 pm:  Constancio Gonsalves +

Ephesians 2.12-22, Ps. 85. 8ab-9, 10-11, 12-13, Luke 12.35-38


Wed. October 22nd: ferial

12:05 pm:

Ephesians 3.1-12++, Isaiah 12.2, 4bcd, 5-6, Luke 12.39-48


Thurs. October 23rd: ferial

12:05 pm:
Ephesians 3.13-21++, Ps. 33.1-2, 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, Luke 12.49-53


Fri. October 24th: ferial

 12:05 pm: Albert Groot +

Ephesians 1.11-14, Ps. 33.1-2, 4-5, 12-13, Luke 12.54-59


Sat. October 25th: ferial

 5:15 pm: Maria De Encarnacāo

Ephesians 4.7-16, Ps. 122.1-2, 3-4a, 4b-5, Luke 13.1-9



Readings for Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 26, 2014

1st Reading: Exodus 22.21-27

Responsorial Psalm: 18.1-2, 3+6b, 46+50ab

2nd Reading: 1 Thessalonians 1.5c-10

Gospel: Matthew 22.34-40



Fr. Bill Comerford, C.S.s.R. (past pastor) has not been well. He is in Vancouver General Hospital.  For well wishes emails may be sent to  b.comerford@olphchurch.ca.


Children’s Liturgy Program

Volunteers Needed for both Groups


Due to the retirement of some of our volunteer teachers and helpers from last year, the Children’s Liturgy Program (at the Sunday 10 am Mass) is looking for a few new volunteers to help us with our program.


Our Children’s Program for the younger children, ages 3-6, currently has a cycle of 4 teachers who plan and conduct the sessions, together with our student helpers and one or two parents who stay with their children sometimes.  We are appealing for one more parishioner to step forward to join us as a teacher for this group, so that we can expand the rotation to 5 teachers and give some of our regular volunteers a bit of a break when they need it.  Anyone volunteering for this position can observe and assist with our current teachers until he or she feels comfortable leading the sessions.


            Our Children’s Program for the older children, ages 7-11, needs one or two adult volunteers to act as a helper at our Sunday sessions, approximately once every 4 week. 

This does not require any advance preparation,

it simply involves being able to help during the session, and assist with the cleanup afterwards.


            Please contact the parish office or Tom Broadhurst if you are interested responding to either of these requests (the Archdiocese of Toronto does require a volunteer screening for those working with children – this screening process is conducted by the parish).



Please pray for all who are ill, especially

Ann Collins, Sr. Mary Halder, Maria Soares, Mary Gilbride, Laura MacDonald, Kay Bennett, Patricia Cull and Maria Jose Bouey.


Holy Name Choir


Holy Name Choir is looking for new members!  Our Music Director, Sarah Matte, is formally trained and provides a learning atmosphere of fun and team spirit for those wishing to hone their vocal skills.

Rehearsals are in the church on Thursdays at 7:00 pm. The choir sings on Sunday at the 10:00 am Mass.

If you enjoy singing and can carry a tune, we ask you to consider joining the Music Ministry.  Although reading music is an asset, it is not a requirement. 

Call the rectory – 416-466-8281 or see Sarah after Mass.


Welcome to Our Parish Family


October 19th, 2014

Gabriel Owen Garde-Ginis

son of Paul & Angela

Emma Lily Towns Gray

daughter of Jason & Kathryn