Bulletin, Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mass in a Moment

By Margaret Bick


 The Sprinkling and Penitential Rites


Dying Christ destroyed our death; rising he restored our life.  This the cornerstone of our faith and the cause of our celebration.


        St. Paul says that we must consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.


        The liturgy offers us two possibilities for bringing this mystery of faith into sharper focus from the very beginning of Mass: in the “Lord have mercy” we recall that God’s unconditional love and mercy sent Jesus to bring us to fullness of life with God and each other;


        In the rite of blessing and sprinking holy water we recall the eternal newness of the divine life we have shared since our Baptism. 


        May almighty God continue to have mercy on us, forgive our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.




Rosary at 11:50 a.m.


Tues. April 7th: Easter Octave

12:05 pm: Lillian Durnin +

Acts 2.36-41, Ps. 33.4-5, 18-19, 29+22, John 20.11-18


Wed. April 8th: Easter Octave

12:05 pm: Eileen McLaren+

Acts 3.1-10, Ps. 105.1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 8-9, Luke 24.13-35


Thurs. April 9th:  Easter Octave

12:05 pm:

Acts 3.11-26, Ps. 8.2a+5, 6-7, 8-9, Luke 24.35-48


Fri. April 10th: Easter Octave

 12:05 pm:

Acts 4.1-12, Ps. 118.1-2+4, 22-24, 25-27a, John 21.1-14


Sat.  April 11th: Easter Octave

 5:15 pm: Adolf Winkler +

Acts 4.13-21, Ps. 118.1+14-15, 16ab-18, 19-21, Mark 16.9-15


Readings for Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy)

April 12th, 2015


1st Reading:  Acts 4.32-35

Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 118.2-4, 16-18, 22-24

2nd Reading: 1 John 5.1-6

Gospel: John 20.19-31



100th Anniversary Pictorial Book

Anyone wanting extra copies of 100th Anniversary Pictorial Book you can purchase one for $10.00 either before or after all the Masses on the weekend or from the parish office during the week.  Thank you.


Minister of the Word and Eucharistic Minister Schedule

For next weekend –

April 11 & 12



  5:15 pm –  Paul Connelly, Anne Marie Cassin

10:00 am – Sheila Spencer, Chiara Tan, Jonathan Anacta


Eucharistic Ministers

5:15 pm –  Steve Hozjan, Joan Howard

10:00 am –  Romeo Lopez, Ann Marie Cassin, Earl Totten, Megan Jeffrey



 Please pray for all who are ill, especially

Deacon Hugh Taylor, Sophia Karapita, Heather Tobias, Carmela Morra, Ann Collins, Maria Soares, Laura MacDonald, Patricia Cull and Maria Jose Bouey.





Welcome to Our Parish Family


Sacrament of Initiation - April 4th, 2015


Alex Cotnam

Brighton He

Eric He

Sharly He

Judy Kao

Elena Makarova

Andrea Urdaneta

Sanjay Sathyanarayan

Matthew Thollander


Sacrament of Confirmation - April 4th, 2015

John Killam

Karen Killam



Welcome to Our Parish Family


April 5th, 2015


Sosina Abebe McEwen

daughter of Ryan and Elizabeth


Rylan Isaiah Rerrie

son of Richard and Shelley