Update Oct 2, 2016

Thank you to everyone in the Holy Name Refugee Sponsorship group who was able to drop by the Rectory after Mass on Sunday Oct. 2nd, 2016 for the Skype video chat with our refugee family in Jordan.

Our settlement counsellor translated for us. The family was very reassured by our ongoing support. The group raised about four hundred dollars that was sent to the family this week. The family did not want to accept the money but through our translator they understand that this is a gift from us. They are most appreciative.
The family has very few financial resources left. They are barely scraping by. Their daughter was sick recently and they could not afford to go to a doctor. The family now understands that when there is an emergency, like a sick child, they should get in touch with us and we will help however we can.

The family is worried about how much longer they have to wait for their application to be considered and we have told them we are doing everything we can to keep up awareness of their application.

Despite the grim reality of their situation in Amman, there was also much joy and laughter during our Skype chat.  Their baby daughter is growing and looks healthy.  She is now just over 2 years old and is a beautiful little girl.  She was waving and blowing kisses during the Skype chat.

A member of our group may be going to Amman to visit members of their partner’s family who are also refugees in Jordan. They will visit our family, and take them small gifts from us. This trip will hopefully happen sometime in November or early December. We are arranging to send a CD of children’s lullabies (in English) so the baby can get used to the language.  We will send a few items of winter clothing for the baby and also a CD or book on learning English for Arabic speakers.

It was clear from Sunday's conversation that these Skype chats go a long way in helping reassure the family they are not alone. We will plan monthly chats with them.

Thank you again for your ongoing generosity and support.

If you have any questions for the committee, please get in touch.   (See contact details at the bottom of this page.)

The Holy Name Toronto Refugee Sponsorship Group (RSG) held our first meeting on Dec 13, 2015. Our second meeting was held January 3rd, 2016.

We are working with Office for Refugees (ORAT) which is coordinating “Project Hope”. This is an effort by the Archdiocese of Toronto to raise money and bring 100 families from Iraq and Syria to Greater Toronto as refugees. These newcomer families will become Permanent Residents of Canada.

We have filed our paperwork with Canadian Immigration. We do not have any firm timeline on when our family will arrive, but most likely within the next 9 months. Some groups are getting only 24 hours notice. It is a fast moving and fluid situation so we are preparing an arrival plan just in case they get here much sooner than we expect.

We have made contact with our family - they are now aware of us, and are relieved to hear there is a group helping to support them in Canada. We plan to try and have regular contact with the family over the coming months.

Our volunteers are now organized into smaller groups.  Each group is responsible for an aspect of preparing for the family's arrival and helping them settle once they get here.

We have connected with the Arab Community Centre of Toronto and they have generously offered to help us with our sponsorship. A settlement counsellor with the Centre will work with us.  He is from the same city as our family, and speaks their dialect so that is a bonus. Our group met with him on Sunday Jan. 3rd.

We need immediate help with the following things:


Contact us:
Holy Name Parish office 416-466-8281
email us directly: holy.name.to.rsg@gmail.com


(page updated: Oct 2, 2016)